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How to use WhatsApp on a computer


Do you often sit at a PC and simultaneously correspond in a messenger? Simplify your life and learn how to use Vatsap on your computer. You can not only keep secret correspondence, but also call other users of the service using the advantages of modern encryption.

There are three ways to use WhatsApp on a PC: through a browser, desktop program and emulator.

In the first two cases, you will need an application installed on a mobile device with a working camera. In the third - only a functioning mobile phone number. We will understand them in more detail.

Whatsapp web

This is the simplest, independent of hardware and operating system, way to work with the messenger. You will need only a modern browser and smartphone or tablet with a working main video camera and, of course, Vatsap installed on it.

If the camera does not work, then, unfortunately, you will not be able to use the web version, since the only way to authorize is to scan the QR code with a device with Vatsap activated.

This is the most convenient method for users of Windows 7, Linux and Mac OS X below version 10.9 or for those who work on someone else's computer.

How to use:

  1. On the official website, in the main menu, find the WhatsApp Web item and go to its page.
  2. You will receive an offer to scan the code. Follow the instructions and in a few seconds you will be taken to the browser version of the program.

PC application

This option is convenient if you are at your own PC with Windows 8 and older or MacOS 10.9 and older. As in the previous case, you must have activated Watsup on a smartphone with a working camera.

How to put:

  1. In the main menu of the program’s website, find the item "Download". In section "Download whatsapp»Select your OS and click on the link.
  2. Run the installer and install the application following the prompts.
  3. Launch WhatsApp and activate it using the QR code scan using your smartphone.

Compared with the previous option, this is more convenient because you do not need to keep the browser open (or a separate tab in the browser), and the messenger, working in the background, will only respond to incoming messages.

Installation on the emulator

This is the least convenient way, but the only one suitable for those who do not have a smartphone, but have a mobile phone, as well as followers of Windows 7 - there is no desktop version for it. Its obvious disadvantages include the preliminary installation of the emulator and the need to keep it turned on, which significantly loads the resources of the system, especially if you have a budget processor and RAM is less than 8 GB.

There are more than ten emulation programs (only popular), so we recommend only two: BlueStacks and Nox. The first is less demanding on resources, but refuses to install applications that require access to the camera and microphone if you do not have them, the second will allow you to install any programs without a web camera.

Installing emulators is extremely simple, you won’t have to answer any tricky questions, just follow the prompts.

We will briefly discuss how to use WhatsApp on a computer through BlueStacks:

  1. Download the installer from the official site.
  2. Run and install it at the prompts.
  3. After starting the emulator, you can work with it as with a smartphone. If you are confused by the interface in English, find in the search engine instructions for translating the Android interface into Russian.

Next, we need a mobile phone with a valid number - it will receive a secret code for Vatsap.

Install the messenger:

  1. On Google Play (tabs “My applications») Find WhatsApp and install it.
  2. Indicate your mobile number, get a confirmation code and enter it in the application.

Now you can use WhatsApp as you would on a mobile device.

We learned whether Vatsap can be used through a computer, and got acquainted with three ways to start it. The most convenient for us seems to be a desktop program that consumes a minimum of resources with a maximum of functionality. For those working on unsupported operating systems or away, the best option is to work through a browser, and the emulator will help those who do not have a smartphone. Whichever option you choose, get the full power of secure information encryption.

Primary requirements

Naturally, like any program, the messenger has its own requirements. The program can be used by users with the operating system Windows 8.1 and higher. For fans of Apple products, there are also restrictions; WhatsApp works only on MacOS from 10.9.

Also, WhatsApp cannot be installed only on the computer. The application must be installed on the phone. Of course, you can use the emulator, but you still need a mobile number.

How to start using the application?

Before using the program, you need to synchronize the computer and mobile version. To do this, the user needs:

  • Update the application on the phone.
  • Download the Watsap installation file. On the official website of the messenger There is a version of the application for MacOS and Windows.
  • Install the downloaded program.
  • Run on phone Whatsapp web. In iPhone, the required option is in the settings, and in Android phones it is located in the menu.
  • Point the phone’s camera to the QR code that appears on the screen.

After synchronization is completed, the user will see a working window with chats, a menu button and a search field. It will not be difficult for a user to figure out how to use Vatsap on a computer. The intuitive interface of the program resembles the mobile version of the messenger. All calls, messages and photos sent from the phone are automatically transferred to the messenger installed on the computer.

WhatsApp Web Version for Computer

The user does not have to install WhatsApp on a PC. The developers have created a browser version of the popular messenger. To use Vatsap Web you need:

  • Go to the official WhatsApp website.
  • Go to WhatsApp Web tab.
  • Update and run the messenger on the phone.
  • Enable the WhatsApp Web option on your smartphone. In Android phones, the required function is located on the top of the menu. On iPhone, you can find the necessary option in the settings.
  • Point the camera of the mobile phone to the graphic code that appears on the screen.

Upon completion of synchronization, the user will see a working window with chats, a menu button, a search bar. When you open a chat, a function button appears, a button for sending images and snapshots, etc. The web version is completely identical to the mobile application.

Is it possible to sit in Watsap through a computer?

The answer is yes. And if earlier to use the program on the Windows OS it was necessary to install an emulator, now it is not necessary to do this (but it is not forbidden). You can use Votsap on a computer without performing complex actions. You just need to install the Google Chrome browser and go to the appropriate page, or download a special version for the PC.

Action algorithm

How to configure whatsapp on computer? If you choose the web version, the algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • Follow this link. If the automatic transition does not work, then just copy it to the browser line. The site works without problems, and you will find yourself on such a page.

  • Don't let the QR code bother you. It is needed in order to synchronize whatsapp with the phone. To do this, you open the application on your mobile phone. You go to the “chats” tab and call up the menu. You will see the following. It remains just to click on the item circled in red.

  • The third step is the easiest. You just point the cellphone’s camera at the QR code, and after that you can sit in Votsap on the computer.

To run WhatsApp on a computer using a special version, you also need to do a lot of gestures.

  • Open the installation file and at the same time launch the application on the phone. You have probably already guessed what it is for - to read the QR code.

  • So, the code appears on the screen. We catch it with the phone (Menu - WhatsApp Web) - and you don’t need to do anything else (only, unless you turn off the program on the phone). Authorization happens by itself.


How can I use WhatsApp on my computer if the program is not installed directly? Via Bluestacks, an Android emulator. This method is the most confused, but you never know what might come in handy. Therefore, do not miss this item.

  • First you need to download and install Bluestacks.

  • Then through Bluestax we go to the Play Market page and find WhatsApp itself. Install.

  • In this case, for registration you will have to enter your phone number in the old fashioned way.

  • And then manually find or drive contacts. But, if there are no other options, this is a very good way out.

When Vatsap on your computer or laptop is no longer needed, you will need to not only close the program, but also exit the computers using your phone. Go to WhatsApp Web again. There you will see the following image.

You press the exit from the computer. This is necessary in order to prevent attempts to use someone else's messenger without his consent, especially if this person entered the application from someone else's computer.

As you can see, you can sit in whatsapp and on the Windows OS without any installation of emulators, additional downloads, and the like. And you can with them. All contacts are saved, as well as correspondence. However, at some points the use of the application on the PC is inferior to the phone (and installing it is the same as): it will not work to call the WhatsApp from the computer.

So whats the vatsap in PC can only be used with a phone? And it was impossible to write an explanation at the very BEGINNING of the explanation? That is, for this I will still need two intranets? Both on the PC and on the phone? These fucking programmers have at least ONE NORMAL gyrus that would at least explain something NORMALLY? Reply ↓

On a laptop, at one point whatsap for some reason changed its scale. The page has grown, the text has ceased to fit on the page. How to return everything to its original readable and viewable state? Reply ↓

How to add a new contact in the PC version? There is something in smart, I can’t find something in PC .. Reply ↓

If there was this function, you would definitely very easily find it. You can add a contact only via smartphone Reply ↓

Tonya, you are probably a blonde. Install the Android emulator on Windows, install the application. Due to difficulties with emulation, it will slow down a little, but in general, everything is working. Connect a headset for vatsap or skype (headphones with a microphone), turn on the settings on the PC and communicate as much as you want (the PC must be connected to the Internet). Many laptops have a built-in microphone and camera, so a headset may not be needed. If the program is stupid - do not forget that Windows and Android are completely different axes, and on the mobile there are only a few control buttons, instead of a keyboard with the mouse of a regular computer. Have patience. Reply ↓

As I understand it, calls and video calls cannot be made? Reply ↓

there is no version from the PC, there are such functions from the smartphone Reply ↓

DD Tell me the visit time through WhatsApp Web is limited. or it turns off only when you exit the device. Reply ↓

Unlimited only when you leave Reply ↓

is it possible to sit with it, for example, if there is no phone nearby or the Internet is disconnected on the phone? Reply ↓

Through a PC, you can triple - no) you need the Internet. Reply ↓

I have an iPhone 4 ka, I also want to install my sap on your computer, I can’t install it using the graphic code. He’s just not in my iPhone. Is it possible to install WhatsApp through the BlueStacks application and so that it remains on the phone at the same time? so that both worked there and there. Reply ↓

Have you tried updating your WhatsApp on an iPhone? It seems he is not so outdated so that he does not have a qr code Reply ↓

such nonsense, just nonsense of the year this vatsap for a computer. I have a vibe and telegrams, they work quietly through the computer without any restrictions - a slap on the shortcut and everything was opened. but no, whats up - what do you think? This garbage is completely inoperative, with truncated functions - do not call, do not send photos. and a cherry on the cake - even while sitting on a computer the Internet uses this program from the phone (in my case, an emulator, so do not care). This is nonsense, what is the point of this program - if you can’t use it without a phone turned on with the included WhatsApp? the phone broke - you, not vatsap. at that time you will have kaiber and telegrams and if you contact people. I really don’t understand why this is needed and to whom. deleted Reply ↓