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Features of the choice of seasonings for turkey


In this article you will find everything about what spices are suitable for a turkey, when to add them, in what quantity, how to cook a turkey, recipes with photos and videos.

Turkey is a well-known type of poultry meat.

In cooking, it is widespread due to the fact that it is very satisfying, absolutely not greasy, healthy, tender and quite simple to prepare.

An incredible number of dishes are prepared from this bird, and in order to harmoniously fit into each of them, they select various spices and seasonings.

What spices are suitable for turkey depends on the cooking method. Let's consider this question in more detail.

What is useful turkey?

This delicate dietary meat is an incredible storehouse of vitamins, micro and macro elements.

There are vitamins A, C, D, E, almost all B vitamins, sodium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, copper, zinc, iron, etc.

From the regular consumption of meat of this bird, you can extract the following benefits:

  • due to hypoallergenicity and low calorie content, it can serve as the first lure for infants,
  • beneficial effect and strengthens the cardiovascular, immune, and nervous systems,
  • it is easily absorbed by the body, which means that all the vitamins and minerals present in it are absorbed.

What does turkey meat go well with and how to cook it?

It can be combined with almost any product and any kind of meat.

From it created a lot of culinary masterpieces.

As soon as the turkey is not consumed: boiled, fried, baked, stewed, added to salads, steamed.

Of course, turkey meat will bring the greatest benefit if it is baked, boiled in water or steamed.

How to season and flavor turkey meat?

I would like to dwell in more detail on what spices are suitable for turkey and in what dishes.

Of course, it is impossible to list all cooking options, so let's focus on the main ones:

  • Boiled turkey

It would seem that it could be simpler, but there is also a field for imagination.

You can boil any pieces: like turkey fillet , and meat on the bone. They do this in various ways, there are even recipes for boiled turkey poultry in beer.

Most often added: garlic, onions (sometimes unpeeled), carrots, various kinds of peppers, thyme, bay leaf and celery.

Here, the most important role is played, of course, by the dosage of spices, which must be selected to your liking.

  • Turkey cutlets

For turkey cutlets, you can use the classic set of spices - onions, peppers, garlic to taste.

And in order to achieve an unusual and spicy taste and aroma, it is worth adding oregano, paprika, green onions or dill.

You can add to the stuffing or gravy if the cutlets are stewed.

  • Fried turkey

When fried, this meat is combined with an incredible amount of side dishes and sauces.

The following spices are used for roasting: rosemary, curry, black or a mixture of peppers, basil, turmeric, nutmeg, savory.

You can achieve a crispy crust if you grind it before sending the bird to the pan with spicy oil, prepared independently by mixing your favorite spices with vegetable oil.

  • Baked in the oven

When baking this wonderful meat in the oven, you can use a set of spices for frying and add to this list coriander, paprika, garlic, cumin, ginger, cardamom, anise.

If you bake turkey with citrus fruits, try adding cinnamon - the taste of the cooked bird will open from a new angle.

For cooking and stewing

People appreciate turkey for its special taste and benefits. Turkey meat can be cooked, stewed, roasted or baked. It depends on personal taste preferences.

Turkey does not have a pronounced smell and taste, so spices are needed in order to improve the taste of the dish.

There is a certain category of spices that are ideal for boiled or stewed turkey.

If you plan to cook the broth, soup or just boil meat for salad, then use the minimum amount of flavoring seasonings. In order for the broth and the meat itself to be aromatic and tasty, white roots (for example, celery root) are used.

To make the taste even more intense, you should use allspice black peas. In order to make it easier to extract from the broth, they should stuff the onion. This is easy to do: make cross cuts on the bulb and insert peas there.

For broth, spices and with a brighter taste are perfect. For example, boiled turkey meat goes well with rosemary. Just remember that this spice is very fragrant, so only a pinch will be enough.

Rosemary is often added to stewed turkey. When the meat is stewed, slowly languishes under the lid, the aroma of this spice is revealed with a vengeance. Therefore, it is not used in large quantities.

In addition, it is important to remember that pregnant women and people suffering from high blood pressure are not recommended to use this seasoning for food.

Thyme (thyme) is another fragrant spice that is often added to stewed turkey. Thyme helps strengthen immunity, relieves depression and gives turkey meat a special flavor. It is best to use this spice in those recipes where the turkey fillet is stewed in cream with vegetables. In such dishes, seasoning perfectly reveals its aroma.

For frying and baking

Turkey meat is great for baking. It turns out very tasty, juicy and fragrant. Properly selected spices can give extra piquancy to baked meat. For example, a whole turkey or hips can be baked with apples. In this case, nutmeg, cinnamon or cloves are perfect. These aromatic spices blend perfectly with the sour taste of apples and give baked fruits and meat a special and unique taste. If the turkey is baked using honey, then these spices will also be in perfect harmony with such a dish.

In order to give the baked meat a brighter flavor and aroma, marjoram, sage or basil can be used. Marjoram has a very strong odor, so you should add it dosed.

This spice improves mood, and the essential oils that make up its composition relieve physical malaise.

If baked meat with basil, then it is used in fresh and dried form. The second is more suitable for baking, and fresh is better to use before serving. Herbs have a very strong aroma, so it’s better not to combine them together, but to use them individually.

Often, turkey thigh fillet or breast is used to prepare various dishes in a pan. In this case, pieces of meat must be fried until golden brown. You need seasonings that are able to maximize their aroma during frying. If fillet is prepared using soy sauce and honey, then ginger is added. You can use dried ginger, but fresh root is best. It can be grated or cut into small pieces, which are removed from the dish after cooking.

If you cook slices of turkey fillet according to oriental recipes, then you can use seasonings such as turmeric or curry. To give the dish a pleasant, original taste, only turmeric is used. But to add spice to the dish, curry seasoning is ideal. It is important not to overdo it with her, otherwise she will interrupt the taste of the turkey itself.

The main condition when using seasonings and spices is moderation. Too large or small number of them, improper combination can ruin the taste of the dish. Therefore, it is better to cook a turkey according to ready-made recipes, combining the components correctly. Then the dish acquires a special, unique taste. Such meat goes well with rice and fresh herbs, against which the turkey taste becomes even more pronounced.

And also suggest you watch a video with a recipe for cooking turkey with spices. Enjoy your meal!

How to cook a turkey - video

  • Turkey skewers

And, of course, one of the most favorite ways to cook any meat is barbecue. To make the meat juicy and soft, you need to properly prepare the marinade.

A variety of bases and spices will only help.

The basis can be anything: kvass, kefir, wine, sparkling water.

As for seasonings and spices, there is also plenty to choose from.

Neutral turkey meat in perfect harmony with all of the above spices, or you can take the ready-made mixture for barbecue poultry.

It is also important when preparing a dish to focus not only on what spices are suitable for turkey, but also on their taste preferences.

Try these real organic spices and spices for cooking meat and more.

Spices for boiled turkey

When a turkey is cooked for broth or appetizer, a minimal amount of seasoning is used.

To get a fragrant broth and meat that tastes good, take white roots: onions, parsley, celery, as well as carrots. For flavor add black or allspice. These seasonings are suitable for boiling young turkey.

If turkey is cooked, then they put more fragrant spices and spices. For example, you can add a pinch of rosemary or thyme to the broth. But only if these spices do not cause negative emotions. After all, choosing a particular spice, they take into account not the obligatory requirements of eminent cooks, but their taste preferences and preferences.

Seasonings for roasting turkey

Many cookbooks have excellent recipes for roasting turkey. Moreover, spices and spices are used different - from tender parsley to coriander with a strong smell.

If you want to get a flavorful meat with a sweet-spicy taste in the end, bake the turkey with apples, chestnuts, peanuts. And at the same time, spices are used that go well with these products: parsley, nutmeg, marjoram, tarragon, cloves, cinnamon, black pepper.

When a wild turkey or turkey is baked, seasonings can be sharper and more spicy. Marjoram, thyme, sage, rosemary are well suited for such meat. By the way, the last spice even home turkey will add a spicy taste of game.

When preparing dishes from turkey, national traditions are also taken into account. Koreans will definitely pour turkey with soy sauce and add ginger. Europeans will bake this meat with apples or oranges and season with nutmeg. And the inhabitants of the Caucasus, of course, will flavor the turkey with basil, coriander, hops-suneli.

Turmeric or curry can give a spicy taste to baked meat.

For piquancy, other herbs are added to the meat. There is a wonderful recipe for turkey stuffed with walnuts, which is fried on a spit.

The prepared turkey is stuffed with a mixture that consists of walnuts, soaked in milk rolls, butter, raw eggs, lemon, sugar and flour. Spread ginger on the carcass and fry it on a skewer, constantly tossing currant, walnut, wormwood and thyme on hot coals.

What determines the choice of spices for turkey

The choice of spices or spices also depends on what kind of dish they want to get in the end. If the turkey is cooked for a child, then they are treated with spices such as parsley, dill, celery, white roots.

A diet dish also does not require a large number of seasonings, especially since many spices stimulate appetite, and this is undesirable for those who monitor their weight.

But if you need to achieve the opposite effect, that is, to stimulate appetite or sexual desire, then the turkey is cooked with herbs, which are aphrodisiacs, for example, with the addition of cinnamon, cloves.

Whatever seasonings the hostess chose for cooking turkey, the dish should be tasty and cause only positive emotions.

How to pick seasonings

Seasonings for meat are chosen taking into account which dish and in what way they will cook. Among the most popular are garlic, onions, peppers and carrots, as well as spicy herbs - celery, dill, bay leaf and thyme.

Important! Spice dosage means a lot. The main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise the taste will be spoiled.

  1. Piquancy and unusual taste will give fresh greens of dill and parsley. Meat goes well with fresh green onions, paprika and oregano.
  2. Poultry meat belongs to the category of dietary dishes, therefore it is often used in baby and diet food. In a children's recipe, when cooking meat, dill in any form, white roots and parsley are added to the broth.
  3. Diet cuisine uses a minimum amount of spices. Fragrant spicy seasonings contribute to increased appetite, so a large number of them in such recipes is not welcome.
  4. For minced meat, classic sets of spices made from garlic, onions and a mixture of peppers are suitable.

  • For cutlets, sauces and gravy are prepared with the addition of tomato, garlic, dill and paprika.
  • When frying, you can use a mixture of peppers. Basil and turmeric add spice and flavor to the dishes. Nutmeg will add piquancy. And the meat will become more tender when rosemary is added. Spices are used not only for frying, but also for the preparation of sauces and gravy.
  • When baking, the aroma gives a small amount of coriander, paprika, ginger, cardamom, anise. Gourmets can try the baking option with oranges.
  • You can achieve a crisp if you grease the meat with a mixture of vegetable oil with spices.
  • If you need to improve your appetite, then cook the meat with herbs, for example, add coriander, cinnamon, cloves.
  • What seasonings are suitable for a turkey, the hostess must decide for herself. The main requirement is that the dish should be appetizing.

    When boiling and stewing meat

    To prepare the broth or just boiled meat for salads, the number of seasonings should be minimal. The aroma will be given to the broth by adding celery root, onion head (unpeeled) and black pepper.

    Interesting fact! An unpeeled bulb is placed in the broth, on which cruciform incisions are made. Peas of allspice are inserted into the holes. So it will be convenient to remove spices from the finished broth.

    The rosemary will add a more exotic flavor to the broth and stew. Spice is used in small quantities because it has a very rich aroma.

    Important! Rosemary is not recommended for children, pregnant women, nursing mothers and hypertensives. The options for turkey stewed in a creamy sauce are selected so as not to spoil the taste.

    Thyme or thyme is considered the best seasoning for stewing. If the recipe includes vegetables, you get a truly royal dinner.

    Recommendations for frying and baking

    These cooking methods make it possible to achieve juiciness from meat. Baked turkey carcass with apples of sour taste, stuffed with garlic - this is a culinary masterpiece.

    For lovers of exotic, you can add slices of paprika and a little ginger, nutmeg and cinnamon. Grate the carcass with a mixture of honey with the indicated spices, stuff apples inside. It will turn out a delicious golden crust, the meat will be tender and aromatic.

    Marjoram and sage are the best seasonings if you need to cheer up and get rid of fatigue. In this case, they will not only improve the taste, but also have a therapeutic effect. Spices for turkey in a pan are selected so that they can reveal the aroma during the frying process.

    Soy sauce with ginger and a little honey is great. Important! If ginger is used fresh, then pieces should be removed after frying.Fans of oriental cuisine, when frying and baking, are recommended to add turmeric and curry to the composition of the seasoning.

    Exotic condiments

    Such seasonings are best for turkey in the oven.

    1. Indian spices
      Indian tandoori mix gives any food an unmatched taste. It includes more than 12 components. You can cook this mixture yourself, but it's better to buy a finished one. Seasoning is mixed with a small amount of olive oil (the mass must be thick) and rub the carcass inside and out. On a large carcass, you can make small cuts.
    2. A mixture of herbs with ginger
      Ground ginger in the amount of a teaspoon is mixed in equal parts with finely chopped lemon balm, chopped orange peel and two tablespoons of soy sauce. Rub the bird with a mixture and bake. Important! The turkey must be baked on low heat. Then it is soaked in spices, the meat will be well separated from the seeds and preserve the juiciness.
    3. Adding wine
      For this seasoning option, the simplest ones are suitable - pepper, salt, garlic. But on the baking sheet you need to pour white wine, and water the bird in the cooking process. The best option for a turkey is a white semi-sweet fruit wine.
    4. Maple syrup
      Autumn taste of maple syrup perfectly complement the classic spices - garlic and pepper. Syrup lubricate the carcass inside and out. It turns out an unusual autumnal flavor.

  • Italian herbs
    Before cooking, the meat is aged in a marinade made from a mixture of olive oil and herbs such as oregano, thyme and fennel. Orange and lemon juice, red pepper and a pinch of rosemary are added to the mixture. And just a little bit of garlic. Those who have tried such a recipe, consider it incomparable.
  • Pickle and Tomato Pickle
    Pickle is an almost finished marinade. The meat will turn out juicy and saturated. When cooking, the carcass should be periodically watered with brine.
  • Pickled wings

    The wings of the bird are quite large. Seasoning for turkey wings includes simple ingredients - lemon juice, fat sour cream and mustard. Would need:

    • mustard - 70 g
    • sour cream - 90 g,
    • lemon juice - 50 g.
    1. Add a pinch of salt, coriander and white pepper to the sauce.
    2. The mass mixes and beats well.
    3. Wings are smeared and left for a couple of hours in a cold place. You can put oppression on top.

    Suitable for grilling or baking.