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Emoticons on Android: how to install them


It is difficult to imagine modern communication without instant messengers, chats and social networks, but it is difficult to convey all emotions only with text. Emoji emoticons, stickers and even gifs come to the rescue: by sending them to your interlocutor you will be able to clearly and clearly demonstrate your feelings and emotions.

These are well-known emoticons, only they can be used both in mobile applications and in online publications. They appeared thanks to Apple, who decided to turn emoticons into a kind of "language" of communication, so the roots of such popular emoticons grow from old iPhone.

As a rule, emoji are sewn into the keyboard of your device, the exception is the "standard" android keyboard on older firmware (4.0 and younger). So the whole process of installing emoji comes down to installing a keyboard where they are already built in. Below we will recommend you the best emoji keyboards for Android smartphones and tablets. Choose what you like and start actively using emoji emoticons anywhere.

How to install smiles on Android using the firmware of the optional TouchPal X Keyboard

  1. We go to the Google Play store at this link,
  2. Download TouchPal X Keyboard Utility,
  3. We install the application on our smartphone,
  4. Everything! You are now the owner of a bunch of funny emoticons.

How to make emoji emoji keyboard emoticons

  1. We go into the settings of the smartphone.
  2. We pass to the category "Basic".
  3. Next, select the "Keyboard" section.
  4. After that, tap on the "Keyboard" button.
  5. In the tab that appears, tap on the "New Keyboards" option.
  6. We are looking among the options shown language "Emoji" (Emoji).
  7. That's all! Now you know how to insert a set of smiles into the keyboard.

If you do not have smiles in the built-in keyboard, then you can always download it from the link, as shown earlier. It is necessary to warn about some features of the Emoji keyboard: this utility is installed on the phone as one of the languages. As soon as you want to set a set of smiles in the message, you will need to perform all the same manipulations, as if switching from English to Russian keyboard layout. Only for this it will be necessary to tap on the globe symbol in the lower left corner of the display, where Emoji will be located. To select a picture, you simply tap on it.

The Emoji utility is also known for the fact that you can create emoticons manually in it. The program carries with it a set of "spare parts" for funny faces, which are constantly supplemented by the creators of this product.

If you do not have a Google Keyboard

Often, pre-installed emoticons are in the standard Google Keyboard application. If it is not on your phone, you should download it on Google Play.

In modern versions of Android OS, emoticons are already in Google Keyboard, they can be called up by long pressing “Enter” or by using the icon with the image of the emoticon.

Smileys installation for Android 2.0-4.0

It is important to download the utility that suits your version of Android. You can determine the OS version in the settings by going to the "About the device" section, selecting the Android version item.

For devices on Android 2.0-4.0, the following instruction will work:

    Download one of the applications, for example:

The most popular programs that can be installed from the Market are SwiftKey.

Keyboard Emoticons on Android 4.4 and Later

If you have Android 4.4 or higher, a different sequence of actions may work for you:

  1. Open any text field to have access to text input.
  2. Call up the additional menu by long pressing the microphone or gear icon (they should be to the left or to the right of the space bar).
  3. In this menu, click on the icon with a smiling face, so you will go to the section with emoticons. Also at the bottom of the text menu, you can switch between emoticons.
  4. To return to the standard keyboard, you need to press the button with ABC.

In some devices, for example, in Nexus under Android 4.4+, emojis are installed automatically, you can call up the menu with them by clicking on the smiley icon, which is located in the upper left part of the screen under the text box.

You can install emojis on android using the Play Market, or just use the emoticons pre-installed in the standard keyboard.