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Save your talent: how to keep a voice?


About colds and vocals

Many vocalists living in Kiev now have ligamentous edema. It feels like a lump in the throat or perspiring mucus in the throat that you can’t rinse with anything (traditional calendula sages do not help). My throat doesn’t seem to hurt, but you constantly cough, not to mention the fact that you are not doing the best in vocal lessons :)

It is possible that these are inflammatory diseases of the throat and larynx (pharyngitis, laryngitis, tonsillitis) or diseases of the nasopharynx, accompanied by drainage of mucus along the back of the pharynx (adenoiditis, chronic rhinitis, rhinosinusitis).

But ... most likely it is still some unpleasant cold virus wandering around (I hope that it is not listed above and that it is not flu!). A simple virus that gives a slight increase in temperature, and general strong weakness.

It seems that at once you were deprived of all strength. Pupils say that the voice does not obey, it is harder to sing than usual.

Can I sing with a sore throat?

It is worth considering that a sore throat is a loose concept ...
Here, for example, with sore throat you can sing, but with laryngitis or some thread there tracheitis in no case!

Personally, I sang with a sore throat more than once ... In fact, nothing, only the range is narrowing.

For growling and screaming, what is needed, but for normal "classical" vocals, not very pleasant sensations. Of course, it would not be better for the throat from this. Recovery for another week may be delayed. But for the sake of an important speech, you can make such sacrifices. The concert is more important.

How to treat a vocalist's throat to make it easier to sing?

For singers, the loss of voice, albeit temporary, is simply a disaster.

The first thing, of course, is to run to the doctor. The singer feeds the voice, so you need to choose the right treatment. And find out the root cause of voice sickness. Nevertheless, there are times when the doctor is simply not nearby. And you can’t hesitate for a second. What to do? There are several ways to treat your voice at home. Doctors advise drinking fluids as much as possible. But there is a small correction: it is advisable to drink cool drinks containing saline and iodine. Hot drink with a breakdown of the voice is contraindicated.

Good remedy for voice treatment - inhalation. Herbs can be used. Especially useful for strengthening the vocal cords of linden, oak bark, sage, string, nettle. The only thing to remember is that herbs can cause allergies. The safest inhalation for singers is on mineral water. To do this, heat the mineral water, add a few drops of sea buckthorn or olive oil. Therapeutic couples should be inhaled for no more than 15 minutes.

During voice diseases, as, however, and constantly for prevention, you need to use vitamins. Vitamin C is ideal if the disease could not be avoided. Complex vitamins will help you choose a doctor.

There are several old "grandmother" methods for treating voice

For quick voice return use a mixture of beer and milk.

The recipe is simple. Put the pot on a small fire. Alternately pour a glass of beer and milk. Bring the mixture to a boil, then cool and drink. A magic potion tastes very unpleasant, but, as practice shows, a voice can start to sound in an hour.

Another old method is gargling with sunflower oil. Twice a day, on an empty stomach. Not more than 10-15 minutes. For this procedure, 1 tablespoon of oil is enough.

Also, butter is used to treat voice. But, we make a reservation right away, this method is less effective than the previous one. So, with a certain interval, you need to put a piece of oil in your mouth and wait for it to melt.

Raw eggs are great too voice breaker. But it is worth using only proven eggs, so as not to pick up any more diseases, for example, salmonellosis.

Here are some more things to help:

1. “Aqualor Forte”, only it needs to be consumed in a slightly different way.

Tilt your head back and send a powerful stream into the nose, directly into the maxillary sinuses. If everything is done correctly, then the liquid will pour into the throat. Here it must be spit. I understand that it’s not pleasant enough :) But it cleanses the nose well and does not allow even more mucus to accumulate, which then also settles in the throat. Repeat the procedure with each nostril 2-3 times.

2. After 10-15 minutes after the previous execution, rinse the throat with “Miramistin” or “Chlorhexidine”. After this, it is recommended that you refrain from eating for at least half an hour, so eat well before proceeding.

And, of course, the most important way cure a sick voice - keep your mouth shut. At least the first few days. And less nervous.

And come in vocal school always healthy)

Tracheitis and bronchitis

This is an inflammatory process, respectively, of the trachea and bronchi. Many singers are especially susceptible to these diseases. The usual purity of the voice is maintained, but the timbre changes, making it harder. Lightness, evenness in different sound registers disappears. The upper notes with tracheitis are tense and prone to detonation. There are "noises" during breathing, forcing sound, improper singing.

Nodules on bundles

An occupational disease that is widespread among singers, more often in women. Symptoms: hoarseness in voice, intensifying over time. You can sing "forte", impossible to "piano" and the formation of sound. There is also a “sharp nodule” form. It is characterized by an unexpected sharp breakdown of voice. The treatment options are conservative vocal exercises, and surgical ones. To avoid the occurrence of this defect, it is necessary to beware of singing in a sick state.

How to keep a singer's voice?

Conclusions suggest themselves. It is necessary to protect yourself from colds and infections, hypothermia, bad habits. Try to lead a "calm" lifestyle filled with positive emotions. And then your voice will be clear, strong, dense, fulfilling its purpose - to inspire listeners. Boost your immunity! Be healthy!

The song helps us to build and live

Singing, by the way, is a serious aerobic activity that saturates the blood with oxygen, so that the whole body (and especially the brain) works better and more lively. When a person strains the vocal cords, he also strengthens the walls of the blood vessels, more oxygen enters the heart muscle, and also reduces the heart rate and blood pressure. Therefore, it is believed that 9 verses, sung in the morning and evening, insure a person from an attack of angina pectoris.

Most people breathe incorrectly, which creates hyperventilation of the lungs, which can even lead to bronchial asthma. And while singing, proper breathing is established by itself, which means that the performance of songs is also the prevention of asthma. As well as treatment! Experts have proven that mastering the singing breathing skill helps relieve bronchospasm in people suffering from bronchial asthma.

Sing, not bawl

Alas, when we talk about the healing effect of singing, we do not mean karaoke performance of “Ksenia, Ksenia, Ksenia, plush skirt”, since only correct singing, which provides at least minimal command of classical or folk singing techniques, has healing properties .

By the way, long-term folk songs are especially good for the prevention of acute respiratory viral infections. In order to get the most benefit from singing, you need to sing not only regularly, but also correctly. The sound should not come from the throat, but from the diaphragm - the muscle that separates the chest from the abdominal cavity.

But too zealous in vocals is dangerous: ligaments may sit, voice will disappear. In addition, by overloading the voice apparatus, there is a risk of catching a cold easily.

Aria from the common cold

Despite the fact that singing is a useful activity in all respects, nevertheless professional singers are more prone to colds than everyone else. The fact is that the nasopharynx and trachea of ​​the vocalists from a huge load has a higher temperature than ordinary people.

The singers not only carefully cherish their throat, but also temper it, for which they regularly do special gymnastics. Let's borrow some exercises from the arsenal of professional vocalists. And besides, we will learn how to breathe correctly, which is extremely important for singing and healthy airways. Ventilate the room well before performing “singing exercises”, then sit on a chair, straighten your shoulders and concentrate.