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You haven’t heard anything about furniture designers.


We present to your attention another interesting story about the conquest of professional peaks. Magazine IQR interviewed a girl who built a career from scratch and without connections, starting with the position of sales assistant and reaching the position of director of the kitchen furniture salon. All honestly - about the duties, difficulties, salary, the pros and cons of this profession!

Sales consultant or kitchen interior designer?

My name is Anastasia, I'm from Chelyabinsk. I’ll tell you about my profession and immediately clarify: on paper (in an employment contract) the title of the post is exactly what “sales consultant” sounds. For customers, we are designers. Designers of kitchen sets of one of the Chelyabinsk furniture companies.

Kitchen project

A visitor comes to the salon to choose furniture for the kitchen - the designer, taking into account the wishes, draws the most suitable option. Picks up materials, filling, color scale. I like everything - it means the job is done, the order is made out, paid and sent for production. In general, nothing complicated at first glance.

Why I chose the profession of designer kitchen furniture

I’ll tell a little about myself. At this work, I was rather late, I have been working for more than a dozen years. How did it start? Simply. Worked as a seller in a supermarket, and as a cashier, and How to become a sales representative. All about the work of a salesman as a sales representative, and an office manager. And it's not that ... Late I went to study at the institute, knowingly, so to speak. At the faculty of design, because the work of my personality "pearl" in each position - it is necessary or not necessary.

In the second year of correspondence studies (in absentia just cheaper) I got a job as a seller. Then they took right away, simply because all the skills gained from previous jobs were useful:

  • cash ownership, ability to keep cash records (many had problems with this),
  • sales skills and work with “problem” customers,
  • habit of order in papers - from the office manager position,
  • and a great desire to create beauty.

Well, since I studied as a designer, this influenced the final decision of the then leadership. I was glad. She was confident and wanted to work.

What is possible career growth in a furniture store

Five days later, a slurred internship was sent to prepare a new salon for the opening, for the presentation. I did it. I tried as if it were my salon. My works were not in vain. Soon, I worked in another new salon, only for elite customers. Lost weight by almost 10 kg - beauty, in a word. So began my career Business career - patience, work, the will to win.

Sales grew, I was noticed at the factory headquarters. Nice, Christmas tree sticks. Presentations were outlandish then, they worked out for me "excellently". This was the heyday of the company, and all the innovations were clear to me and seemed logical. If you compare, it looked like this - from a modern company with active sales tools, with computers and reports, moral and financial motivations, I came to the office where there were no computers, the work went the old fashioned way. No reports except the number of orders and their amounts. Of course, it was easier for me to work than the rest. In general, that’s how I got to the director of the salon.

Now, after a lot of time, the selection is very strict. What is the point? In the candidate’s great desire to work and earn, create and think outside the box. A little time ago it was required to be able to sell. Now the company is ready to teach this, first you need to find these "grains", the ability of the candidate. The training center of the factory is very powerful, the system is designed so that many of the candidate’s abilities and weaknesses will be revealed at the selection stage. The main thing is not to give in to difficulties. And be loyal to the customer. Some took possession of many qualities in the process of work, under the guidance and vigilant attention of managers and mentors.

What you need for a successful career as a furniture designer

First of all, you need to be a responsible, decent person, be creative in your work, you need imagination and some kind of mixed humanitarian and technical thinking. In a person, a sense of beauty, harmony, and taste should be developed.

kitchen furniture store

Higher education is welcome, students are treated well. Boy, girl - it doesn’t matter. The main thing is not of retirement age - not because of “old age”, but because it can be difficult to spend hours with a computer. It happens that the process of working with a client takes at least 4 hours, but the main thing is that he is satisfied . So, he gave the money. So patience is needed. Again with stress resistance - the work is in full swing and the rhythm is such that it needs to be matched. To love to communicate, to love people. No other way.

Many, finding information on vacancies on the Chelyabinsk site 74 point ru, came and did not delay, having learned that the work was not so simple. This job is not for everyone. The profession is multifaceted, interesting in that you will never be bored, there are so many responsibilities that you will not spit on the ceiling. That's why I was stuck here because I did not get bored and was always busy. Designer activities are multifaceted:

  • Creative - the process of working on form and color,
  • the financial side of the work is reporting, collection,
  • technical - learn to master the basics of technology,
  • presentation creation
  • often in the salons draw up loans, so it will also need to be able to,
  • control, control, and once again control, everywhere.

Important for all employment.:

  • to meet the visitor, to tell you everything beautifully, to create the prerequisites for the purchase,
  • to draw a future kitchen, this is done in a special program for visual perception - PRO100,
  • the calculation is also done by the program, you only need to check the compliance of materials and components: washing, mixer, types of drawer drawers, closers, cooking spoons and more,
  • draw up a sale, read through each letter of the contract and other documents, clearly explain the conditions,
  • work with cash desk and reporting, etc.
  • the ability to prioritize - this should be learned if there is no such skill.

I know there are quiet companies where you can dig deeper into the nose in the interval from one client to another. This is the most valuable time in our company. In the intervals between working with clients, a lot of things are turned around, in fact, the foundation is laid for stable sales. Companies only go ahead, and not just keep afloat in such a difficult time, which can provide themselves with constant orders.

The salary of a sales assistant in a kitchen store

And knowing how to provide yourself with work, you can make a decent profit. Furniture can be different: cheap (from 10 thousand rubles for firewood, in the literal sense) and super expensive (for example, from 1 million rubles). Depending on how high the position in the company is, how quickly and efficiently the designer sells, you can earn from 10 thousand to 100 thousand per month (and higher!).

My earnings consist of a decent salary as a salon director (shh, not to tell anyone - 20 thousand rubles) plus premiums for performing tasks by salon sellers and 1% of the salon sales volume. Each salon has its own individual plan, its regular implementation is the main indicator of work. There is no plan - for the factory authorities this means that no one worked, and it does not matter that everyone with the languages ​​on their shoulders went home every day.

The average in this area is the seller’s earnings from 25 thousand to 50 thousand rubles . The maximum, here history is silent about its heroes, but the figure announced earlier at 100 thousand rubles is a real fact for Chelyabinsk. What does it depend on? From the value of orders and their quantity per month. You can complete 4 orders of 500 thousand rubles at a calm pace or completely “in soap” - 20 pieces of 100 thousand rubles and get the same salary. By the way, the salary is completely “white”, the company provides every employee with a social package, trains, walks on corporate parties. So holidays, maternity leave and sick leave are all like white people have.

I note that now the concept of the "sales season" in the furniture sector is no longer working. In the conditions of a building megalopolis, good quality furniture, comfortable and individual, is needed every day. Another conversation is when, with our economy unstable, potential customers, all as one, hold on to money, trying to gain something. In such conditions, only those who are not afraid of shaking in the economy are buying. And this is a segment of expensive kitchens.

As for revenue growth with increasing position in the company, the ratio is simple: the more the manager sells, the higher the director’s salary. As a store director, at least I had 30 thousand rubles a month, on average - 50-80 thousand rubles.

Pros and cons of working in a furniture store

Huge plus, I repeat, in the fact that the work is not at all boring, it makes you be energetic and, if you are lucky, financially secure. Someone more like constant communication with people (customers, not with each other, though ...). Someone will get a lot of pleasure from creating individual masterpieces, from creativity. In general, a decent job in a decent company with interesting people.

Minus, in my opinion, only one - there is a high probability of working idle with a client. He painted with a designer a potential customer in the salon, didn’t get to the order, he left. That is, there is no guarantee that the customer will do what he said. You need to “tie” a client to yourself so as not to lose the order. It happens that the documents for the order are ready, the meeting time has passed, it is not there. Call and hear - we ordered elsewhere. Ah, what a shame in such cases!

What else? I don’t know whether it is minus or not - full-time. Weekends are even threatened regularly. There is such a minus - in a dream you design a kitchen and think . Often this happens after the holidays or at the beginning of a career. Normally, you can’t walk around shopping malls, be sure to lead your legs into a foreign company, and let's look for flaws. This is no cure.

One more minus is already from the sore, but not disturbing. Customers with patience and stamina intentionally endure the brain with a teaspoon before parting with the money. Over the years, I have developed a strategy for behavior with such people, which I’m teaching my wonderful colleagues about.

I also forgot, there is a change of personnel. You will learn, tinker with them, rejoice at the results for a while, stick to your soul, and on you - they leave. With every departure, a trace remains in the soul.

The novice seller not only dreams about the kitchen, dreams about how he gets a job, how the interview goes. In life, the seller will not be allowed to hang for a long time, you need to go further. It’s just that the seller is more likely a novice; about six months is given to work in such a position, adaptation and preparation for the next step is a seller of a high category. And the seller’s small earnings strongly motivate them to grow.

The smallest salary - 8 thousand . After exams at the factory, a new seller of a high category (with a salary of already 14 thousand) is obliged to maintain the status by fulfilling an individual plan, otherwise the status is canceled! Exams are provided for each post. This whole system boosts better nowhere and filters frames. In addition to the salary, sellers have an individual percentage, yes! It’s very stimulating, you know ...

The director of the salon becomes the most experienced seller, who knows how to “resolve” all situations, direct the team to fulfill the plan of the salon, a kind of ideological inspirer. Or just wanting to lead and carry a burden of responsibility on his shoulders.

Work is good for the young and energetic. The benefits are obvious: financial stability, a full social package, career growth, just a good school for further endeavors in life. For middle-aged people, families - this is a solid work platform, reliable, even until retirement. I want to say to everyone, don’t be afraid, go and try. Do not try - do not understand: yours or not. I sat down firmly, not going to twitch. Well, if only suddenly a rich relative doesn’t find me, then I don’t have to work ... Remember, all I say is my vision of work.