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How to use keywords in your resume


An important point of the resume, which all employers pay attention to, is the column on the main professional skills. Neither education nor work experience will tell about your personal expertise in certain issues. Therefore, it is worth looking at examples of key skills in the resume in order to correctly fill out the corresponding section. This will help show the employer exactly what you can do.

What to choose from

It’s difficult to pick up some “typical” skills. Indeed, each profession has its own requirements and the applicant must meet them. If you do not know what exactly you can write, then you can specify the following:

  • interpersonal business communication skills,
  • ability to organize work, plan, make decisions,
  • attention to various nuances and details,
  • the ability to analyze problems, effectively look for ways to solve them,
  • flexibility
  • project management skills
  • business leadership.

But still, it is desirable to select skills depending on the requirements for candidates. Usually the employer himself indicates what he wants from the future employee. The applicant can simply rephrase his requirements and indicate them in key skills.

Leadership skills

First of all, understanding what key skills are for resumes is important for those who apply for the position of leader. Increased demands are always made on potential managers and their candidatures are scrutinized more carefully.

As skills, you can specify the following skills:

  • resolve conflicts
  • to plan and optimally organize the work process,
  • make decisions and answer for their results independently,
  • think critically
  • effectively manage time and subordinate people,
  • apply motivational programs,
  • think strategically and creatively,
  • negotiate,
  • communication skills, the ability to gain the trust of colleagues, partners and senior management.

It is important to be able to distinguish your skills from personal qualities. The former are acquired in the process of work and training, and the latter characterize you as a person.

You can also add multitasking to the list, the ability to adapt to various conditions, transfer part of the authority and monitor the proper implementation of tasks.

Communication professions

Separately, it is worth noting what skills should be indicated if you apply for the position of seller, manager or consultant. For example, you can specify the following skills of a sales assistant in a resume:

  • ability to manage time
  • experience of personal communication and successful sales,
  • competent spoken language, well-posed voice, necessary diction,
  • creative approach to sales,
  • ability to listen, give competent advice, find an approach to customers,
  • the ability to quickly learn and easily perceive large amounts of information,
  • skills of serving people, ability to show tact and tolerance.

If you know that the company works with foreign customers, then an indisputable advantage will be the knowledge of foreign languages. When applying for a job as a sales manager, also indicate if this, of course, is true:

  • knowledge of English, Italian, French or another language,
  • confident use of a PC, knowledge of MS Office programs,
  • business correspondence skills, including in a foreign language,
  • ability to show attention, interest, friendliness.

But for teachers, teachers, leading seminars and trainings, slightly different requirements are imposed. They should have the following skills:

  • motivation for learning outcomes,
  • high energy and initiative,
  • the ability to concentrate the attention of a group of people and hold it for a certain time,
  • the acquired skills of patience and flexibility, which must be shown when communicating with students,
  • the ability to plan and competently organize the work process.

Common to all these professions is the main skill - to establish contact with people.

Other options

Choosing the right skills for technicians is no less simple. The main task, for example, for a system administrator is to monitor the operation of the entire computer network. Therefore, he must possess such key skills:

  • Diagnose professional equipment
  • monitor possible risks and plan ways to restore the functioning of systems in the shortest possible time,
  • fluent in technical English,
  • work with large volumes of information.

The indicated necessary skills for this position show how the specificity of the work affects what needs to be indicated in the resume. Separately, it is worth noting that in some industries, professional skills are so closely intertwined that it is difficult to separate them.

If you are applying for the position of accounting specialist, then it is better to familiarize yourself with the requirements first. Examples of key skills in a resume for an accountant can be taken directly from the description of the requirements for candidates. They have to:

  • be able to think analytically,
  • organize work on a fixed area,
  • analyze problems, be able to look for ways to solve them,
  • Plan correctly
  • pay enough attention to the little nuances and important details,
  • prioritize correctly
  • be able to work with a large number of documents,
  • be able to highlight the primary tasks
  • have the skills to work with regulatory authorities.

For employees of the legal department put forward slightly different requirements. For a lawyer, you can specify:

  • knowledge of legislation, principles of the judicial system,
  • ability to draw up documents, contracts,
  • skills in analyzing legal documents,
  • the ability to work with a variety of information and quickly acquire it,
  • knowledge of computer, MS Office programs,
  • communication skills,
  • ability to use legal bases presented in electronic form,
  • multi-vector (ability to work in different directions),
  • skills to work with clients and employees of regulatory authorities,
  • ability to work with documents,
  • ability to organize work and plan tasks.

Each specialty should have its own skills, but you can choose something suitable for your future work from all the presented lists.

An additional help in finding the right and relevant characteristics can be such a reflection: imagine yourself as a leader who needs an employee for the position that interests you. What would you expect from a job candidate?